Everest Academy seeks to implement a mentoring program for our students grades 1st – 6th. Mentors can play a key role in students’ development and behavior. Mentors are selected from our Islamic community and act as role models, guides, and friends to our younger students. This program aims to provide our students with the opportunity to connect with older youth who have already experienced what our students may be going through and encourage them to maintain their identities as Muslim Americans.

Benefits of Mentoring

Mentors show children a different view, expose them to unexplored opportunities, and teach them to build trust. The proof is in the results: Youth who regularly meet with a mentor are 52 percent less likely than peers to skip school and 46 percent less likely to use drugs, according to a study by Big Brothers/Big Sisters of America.

Just one hour a week can help a child become

less likely to skip a day of school


less likely to skip a class


less likely to start using drugs


less likely to start drinking


less likely to hit someone


(Statistics provided by Big Brothers Big Sisters)