Extracurricular Clubs


Everest Academy offers the following extracurricular clubs for students in grades KG – 8th. Clubs are available per semester and run from 2:20 – 3:35 on Fridays.

Animal Action (Grades KG-2): Students will engage in hands-on activities and learn about animals in depth about various categories of animals such as farm animals, dinosaurs, etc. They will read, listen to stories, play themed games, draw, create craft and do other activities related to animals. A $30 fee for the semester will be charged..

Art & Crafts: (Grades KG – 5): Students will create 1-2 pieces of art that represent the styles learned for display in an Art Gallery presentation at the end of the semester. The club will be responsible for determining the style, set-up and promotion of the Art Gallery event. A $30 fee for the semester will be charged.

Basketball Madness (Grades 3-8): Students will start learning basketball at a beginner level. Students will learn the basics of the game, good sportsmanship and teamwork through healthy exercise and play

Cooking & Baking Club (Grades 6-8): If you love food and would like to cook and bake with your friends, this is the club for you. The students will come together to learn the importance of cooking and health. The recipes will be easy to follow and fun at the same time. A $30 fee for the semester must be prepaid to purchase the supplies.

Debate Club (Grades 6-8): Learn to debate about your favorite topic, write speeches about subjects you feel strongly about. Discuss your place in the world. Be a part of this club to experience the importance of different perpectives!

Home Economics (KG-5): This club will assist students in preparing to fulfill real-life responsibilities at home. Students will be engaged in making handicrafts, sewing, and preparing simple food items that do not require the use of stove. A $30 fee for the semester will be charged

Journalism/Yearbook (Grades 6-8): This club will give students the opportunity to create the school yearbook from cover to cover. Students will be responsible for creating the theme, cover style, layout and the editing, printing, distribution, format and content with general outlines from the administration. The committee will promote and manage the sales of the yearbook and raise profits to be used for the following year’s yearbook costs. Also, it will allow members to have personal input in a media outlet that will reach the entire school and Everest Academy families. Students will participate in investigative journalism and create a monthly newsletter broadcasting student and school events.

Lego Engineering (Grades KG-2): This club brings science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM), to kids in a fun and challenging way through teaching engineering concepts through hands-on learning. A $30 fee for the semester will be charged.

Mathletics Club (KG-2): Students will enjoy the math behind their favorite activities! By incorporating games that kids love. We start with the fun, then roll in the math.

Mathletics Club (Grades 3-5):: Students will enjoy the math behind their favorite activities! By incorporating games that kids love. We start with the fun, then roll in the math..

Painting (Grades (6-8): Students will be guided to help find their artistic talent, develop it, and feel accomplished about their work. Students will learn to paint using different brushes and techniques. A $30 fee for the semester will be charged.

Robotics (Grades 3-8): Robotics is an emerging educational field with unlimited potential for engaging students and teaching them the most important skills they need to know. Skills like coding, problem solving, and creativity are the foundation for success and robotics helps today’s student to develop these abilities. A $250 fee for the semester will be charged..

Science Club (Grades 3-5): Science Kids will roll up their sleeves in Science Club and test their knowledge by experimenting with everyday household items. If you are interested in cause and effect, this club is for you! A $30 fee for the semester will be charged..

Scrabble, Trivia, and More! (Grades 2-8): This is a club for people interested in board gaming to get together and play competitive, co-operative, and recreational board games. Our goal is to provide an open and friendly environment for playing games. A $30 fee for the semester will be charged..

Self-Defense (Grades 6-8): This class is led by a qualified expert in self-defense. Welcoming all levels, the club teaches basic skills/moves that can be learned quickly and even used right away if needed; it also gives more experienced members the opportunity to practice, maintain and improve their skills as well as teach and assist those newer to martial arts. A $30 fee for the semester will be charged.

Soccer: (Grades KG-2): Students will enjoy playing soccer and practice various strategies. It’s a perfect combination of individual activity and team work in which players improve their skills and find ways to exhibit personal style. .

Story Time:(Grades KG-2): This club will allow readers to sit together and discuss Children’s fiction and nonfiction books in a fun setting. They will interact with their favorite books and discuss real life morale lessons. Each story concludes with a craft or reading response activity.. .

Study Hall: (Grades KG-8): his club will allow students time to work on their homework and class assignments quietly..

World Cultures (Grades 3-8): The Culture Club’s aim is to provide an increased awareness about various cultures from around the world. We participate in different activities to build respect and tolerance for others. Our exploration will also include food and craft activities.