ISLA Movie Night

Lamya's Poem Student Watch Party

Assalaamu ‘alaykum,

We are delighted to stream Lamya’s Poem at no charge to MS/HS students through ISLA’s partnership with UPF! ISLA will host the student watch party (teachers, parents and youth mentors are invited too!) on Thursday, September 1 for students aged 12+.

Lamya’s Poem is a powerful 2-D animated film about a present-day 12-year old Syrian refugee who meets a young Rumi in her dreams. She has to help him unlock his voice and write his poetry. It is a film about loss and hope.

How will the ISLA Watch Party work?

  1. All individuals (students, teachers, parents) interested watching the film must register to receive ISLA’s Zoom link
  2. On September 1, log in to ISLA’s Zoom meeting
  3. ISLA will stream the film through their shared Zoom screen, while participants will watch from their devices in the comfort of their own homes
  4. Upon the conclusion of the 90-minute film, the watch party (and Zoom meeting will end)

Zoom Watch Party Norms:

  • Student cameras should remain off
  • Mics should remain muted
  • ISLA will intro film & stream it, without interruption (insha Allah!) for 90 minutes

Following the Watch Party

Host the Unfold Your Own Myth Workshop

Teachers, Parents and Youth Mentors are encouraged to watch the film too and lead a discussion or workshop the following day/week with the students.

ISLA recommends that teachers, parents or youth mentors watch the film with students, too. To process the themes of the film, we encourage you to host the Unfold Your Own Myth workshop.

Workshop facilitators receive $100 per session (up to $400, as there are four sessions) and receive curriculum materials and journals for all participating students.

Watch Lamya's Poem on 9.1.22


Lamya's Poem

Student Watch Party


Thursday, September 1

8 pm ET | 7 pm CT | 5 pm PT

90 Minute Film


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