Everest Academy curriculum is aligned to the objectives established by Texas Education Agency (TEA). These objectives are based on Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) directives for all secular subjects. All textbooks with the exception of Arabic and Islamic studies are approved by the TEA; and are comparable to those currently being used in the leading Public School Districts in Texas.

The Arabic and Islamic Studies Curriculum is designed specifically for young Muslims in America. Our Islamic Studies Curriculum introduces students to the essentials of their faith and ibadah; bring to light historic and cultural aspects of Islam; and teach them to read the Quran with correct tajweed. Multiple texts and resources are used for this purpose; and include ‘I Love Islam’ series; Arabic Qaida, and supplementary readers developed by Goodword Islamic series and other publishers.

The overarching goal of Arabic curriculum is to enable the learners to read the Quran with correct tajweed, master the grammar of Quranic Arabic, and acquire Quranic vocabulary. Resources used to achieve this goal include the Quranic Qaida and ‘Lessons for Arabic Language’ written by Shaykh Dr. V Abdur Raheem as taught at the Islamic University of Madeenah. Students are placed into levels per their proficiency; and instruction is targeted to meet the individual needs of each student.

Students’ academic performance is closely monitored and charted utilizing various assessment tools such as the state-mandated STAAR, IOWA Complete Battery, and Developmental Reading Assessment (DRA). Additionally, after each 9 week quarter, benchmarks are administered in order to monitor & ensure steady progress.

At Everest Academy, we strive to ensure a challenging, engaging, and viable program for all students. The curriculum, program guidelines, and scope and sequence maps are reviewed and updated annually.

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