Extracurricular Clubs

Everest Academy offers the following extracurricular clubs for students in grades KG – 8th. Clubs are available per semester and run from 2:20 - 3:35 on Thursdays.

Art & Crafts (Grades KG-8):: This club will focus on craft and art projects. Students will create 1-2 pieces of art that represents the styles learned for display in an Art Gallery presentation at the end of the semester. The club will be responsible for determining the style, set-up and promotion of the Art Gallery event. A $30 fee for the semester must be prepaid to purchase the supplies.

Athletic: (Grades KG - 8):: The Athletic Club will provide students with a chance to start learning soccer at a beginner level. Students will learn the basics of the game, good sportsmanship and teamwork through healthy exercise and play. By the end of the semester should have mastered dribbling, passing and shooting. Students may scrimmage against each other as well.

Book Club (Grades KG-2):: This club will allow readers to sit together and discuss Children's fiction and nonfiction books in a fun setting. They will interact with their favorite books in a thought provoking manner. The club sponsor and the students will choose what they will read and will value one another as readers and learners.

Cooking/Baking Club (Grades 6-8):: If you love food and would like to cook and bake with your friends, this is the club for you. The students will come together to learn the importance of cooking and health. The recipes will be easy to follow and fun at the same time. A $30 fee for the semester must be prepaid to purchase the supplies.

Debate Club (Grades 4-8):: Learn to debate about your favorite topic, write speeches about subjects you feel strongly about. Discuss your place in the world. Be a part of this club to experience the importance of different perpectives!

French Club (4-8):: Take and adventure through France! We will learn basic French and talk about various cultural aspects of France! If you want to learn a new language, this club is for you!

Geography Bee (1-5):: The world will seem very small when you join the Geography Club. Students will learn and become more knowledgeable in Geography. They will then compete and test their knowledge in a community wide Geography Bee!

Girl Scouts (Grades 1-8):: The Girl Scout Leadership Experience engages girls in discovering self, connecting with others, and taking action to make the world a better place. Discover, Connect, and Take Action are the three keys to Leadership. A $30 fee for the semester must be prepaid.

Hadith Halaqa: (4-8): Students will discuss different hadith and broaden their horizon in Islamic Studies. If you are interested in learning more about Islam and feel deeply about elevating your Iman, this club is for you!

Home Economics (Grades 2-8):: This club will assist students in preparing to fulfill real-life responsibilities at home. Students will be engaged in making handicrafts, sewing, and preparing simple food items that do not require the use of stove. A $30 fee for the semester must be prepaid to purchase the supplies.

Journalism Grades (3-8):: This club will allow members to have personal input in a media outlet that will reach the entire school and Everest Academy families. Students will participate in investigative journalism and create a monthly newsletter broadcasting student and school events.

Math Counts (Grades KG-4): Students will build on their math skills by using Montessori Math Beads. They will visually learn how to count as well as solve complicated math problems through hands on and visual counting beads. By the end of this year, students should be proficient in their individual grade level math.

Rocketry (7-8):: Is engineering your forte? Do you want to experience how NASA builds their rockets? Are you an ultimate gadget lover? We will study, build, and test our rockets in state-wide competitions. This club will require parent participation and supervision esp. for 4-6 visits to NASA. A $30 fee must be prepaid to participate.

Science Club: (Grades KG-5):: Kids will roll up their sleeves in Science Club and test their knowledge by experimenting with fun everyday household items. If you are interested in cause and effect, this club is for you! A $30 fee for the semester must be prepaid to purchase the supplies.

Study Hall (Grades KG-8):: This club will be offered on “as needed” bases; and will allow students time to work on their homework and class assignments quietly.

Yearbook: Grades (7-8):: This club will give students the opportunity to create the school yearbook from cover to cover. Students will be responsible for creating the theme, cover style, layout and the editing, printing, distribution, format and content with general outlines from the administration. The committee will promote and manage the sales of the yearbook and raise profits to be used for the following year’s yearbook costs.