Quality Schooling for Non-English Speakers (International Students)

Policies and Procedures

Everest Academy ESL (English as a Second Language) Program is available for English language learners (ELLS) as an intensive protocol of instruction to accelerate proficiency in English language and literacy. Our ESL instruction is based on the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) and English Language Proficiency Standards (ELPS) and is accommodated to the student’s level of proficiency in English language as well as level of academic achievement. Lessons address comprehension, speaking, reading, and writing English language. Instruction is provided through supplemental pull-out or content-based classroom instruction in a relaxed yet stimulating environment by qualified ESL instructor.

Mission and Goals

The mission of Everest ESL program is to provide research-based educational guidance and support to every student to achieve academic excellence.
Broad goals are as follows:

– Provide an educational framework for excellence to support English Language Learners.
– Differentiate instruction per strengths and needs of each learner.
– Employ effective tools and resources to deliver instruction.
– Implement efficient and effective systems to monitor student achievement.
– Use student assessmnet data to drive ESL curriculum and instruction.


To enable ELLs to become competent in understanding, speaking, reading, and writing English.
To provide ELLs with equal educational access and benefits.
To give ELLs the opportunity to experience academic success while they learn English as a second language.
To build knowledge and learning in content areas as they acquire English.
To help students celebrate their cultural heritage and increase self-assurance and confidence.
To comply with Federal/ State legal regulations concerning the education of English language learners.


Everest Academy uses content-based instruction (CBI) model that emphasizes learning about something rather than just learning about language.
Instruction is sheltered wherein ESL students are taught the same curriculum as their grade level peers with individualized modifications.
Students are taught in small homogeneous as well as large heterogeneous groups. Technology is integrated to enhance the educational experience.


ESL services help students learn English as quickly as possible.
ESL students, teachers, and campuses benefit from TEA offered resources for ESL students.
ESL teachers provide instructional accommodations.


Students speaking language other than English as documented in Home Language Survey and international students with less than 3 years of schooling in USA are given an Oral Language Proficiency Test (OLPT). Those scoring LEP (Limited English Proficient) are eligible for ESL services. Additional qualifying data may be collected through administration of IOWA ITBS or Stanford 10.

Students scoring at high level on OLPT or above 48 percentile on ITBS IOWA and/or Stanford 10 are identified as Fluent English Speakers (FES) and therefore do not qualify for ESL services.

Exit Criteria

Student receiving ESL Services must score above 50 percentile on IOWA ITBS.
Student receiving ESL Services must score FES on the OLPT.

Parent Involvement

Parents of ESL students are encouraged to

Learn more about the ESL program and keep abreast with their student’s progress.
Share information with teachers regarding culture and language and to serve as translators and liaisons.
Participate in the PTO and in other activities at school.
Support student participation in the program.
Be positive with their children about the benefits of being in an ESL program.

Fee Schedule

  • To be paid at the time of enrollment:

Registration Fee: $50
Book Fee: $150
Resources & Technology Fee: $100

  • Annual Tuition: $10,000 (To be changed to $12,000 from 2109-20)
  • Annual Intervention Fee (Charged for students requiring individualized support): $5000 (To be changed to $10,000 from 2019-20)
  • Annual Student Activity Fee: $4,000
  • Annual Transportation Fee: TBD